My definition of friendship is a relationship that you keep with someone that you trust,depend on,and have fun with. And I think in order to keep that friendship there are three main steps: spending time together, not gossiping about each other, and most importantly, understanding each other. And I think if you just keep these qualities, you can keep a good relationship with your friend.

Real Friends

If you hadn't noticed, there are real friends and fake friends. Real friends are the one who actually care for you. Real friends are there for you, they understand you, and they love spending time with you. And with those real friends, you should feel comfortable being with them. And if you noticed that this isn't happening, you should have a talk with your friend.

Fake Friends

Fake friends are the ones that you shouldn't want in your life. They're the one that talks behind your back, but acts so nice infront of you. They act like they're your friend, but in reality, they're not. And if you just can't handle being their friend, sometimes it's better if you just stop being friends with them.

Best Friends

Best friends are above just "friends." They are your closest friend out of other friends. And they are usually the one that you hang out mostly with, and spend the most time with. And best friend doesn't just pop out of no where. If you have a best friend, you probably spent a lot of time with them, which allows you to be very close. And having a best friend doesn't necessarily mean that they are special, but it means that they are just one of your friend that you spend more time with. "


Sometimes when you have friends, it is obvious that you fight. I mean, which kind of friend doesn't fight, right? And there are three main ways to deal with fighting. 1. Just take time to think about it and be the first one to apologize. Sometimes, it's better to spend some time alone, and think about what went wrong. And once you've done that, you can apologize to your friend. 2.Talk. When you have a fight, it's probably because of misunderstanding. And if you talk it out with your friend, it will be easier to solve the conflict. 3. Try to apologize through a letter, or a text message, if you just can't talk to your friend. If you just can't talk it out with your friend, it's better to sometimes just write them a letter, or give them a apology text. And if you follow one of these three steps, it would be easier for you to solve the conflict with your friend.